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Pepsi Nitro Quick Notes

You can be certain I’ll be posting a review over on the soda blog soon enough, but I have a few notes for people about the new Pepsi Nitro sodas already.

  1. Pay attention to the pouring instructions, especially step 1: Chill the can thoroughly BEFORE opening! I think they had to strike a balance between enough nitrogen to properly gas the soda but unfortunately it needs relatively chilled liquid to work right. In any case, failure to chill WILL make it fountain a bit.
  2. The Vanilla Draft Cola flavor is quite a bit better than the Draft Cola flavor. I was quite surprised. Most of the vanilla is in the nose and it comes across as less sweet than the non-vanilla, which is probably the most surprising bit.
  3. The foam is the best part. Seriously, the liquid is pretty good but the foam is the real treat and really shows off what they were trying for.
  4. Most people are going to try it and think it’s flat. Not actually the case, if you really look for it there are bubbles in the poured liquid, it’s just really subtle. Probably too subtle. But if you’ve had a nitro stout, especially one of the canned variety like Guinness or Left Hand, you’ll know what to expect.

It was a generally good soda day as a case of Moshi sodas arrived too!