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My name is Nathan Stohlmann and I am a computer geek specializing in software automation and related engineering. Some might use the current hot buzzword “DevOps”. This is a skill set and focus that developed out of the 15 years when I designed and scripted Windows Installer based installation packages. Over time I took over the build automation for many of the products I was packaging and the logical next move was to do the end-to-end automation for the projects that did not require conventional installers as well. My current application expertise is with software and infrastructure automation tools, especially PowerShell.

I am currently working for Aspenware as a Senior DevOps Engineer on a very small DevOps team. The company is a nice return to something similar to a previous job at Verify Brand where I essentially got to write PowerShell all day and automate everything. My luck at working with pretty good people continues.

I am a fan of LEGO bricks and enjoy building with my modest (by some pretty odd standards) collection of parts. I am active in TwinLUG, a Twin Cities local LEGO User Group (LUG), and maintain the group’s web presence at I once said I was primarily a Technic builder but over the past decade+ have spent most of my time working on contributions to Micropolis and maintain the official specification. A number of years ago I also started another site, Virtual Micropolis, just to document me and my partner’s growing collection of modules. It is unfortunately very out of date and needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

I am an amateur musician. I formerly played Euphonium with a local community band and am trying to figure out how to add them or a different community band back into my schedule. I used to sing Baritone with One Voice Mixed Chorus, a nationally recognized LGBTQA choir. You can also almost always find me at one or more TubaChristmas performances every year.

A note about spam that appears to have come from my domain, It appears that at least one spammer has been using various addresses as the purported sender of the messages for at least 15 years. Please believe me when I say that if I could have that person in this room right now they would leave the room with an extremely funny walk. I do not send spam. This domain has never sent spam. It’s not me and I am terribly sorry if you got crap from those shmucks but there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it at this point.

If you wish to contact me please use my first name at or through twitter.

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