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Weather Station!

I’ve been playing with getting some outdoor sensors for years now, mostly for Air Quality. I finally made some decisions and this week installed a whole suite of Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 and AirLink sensors! The indoor AirLink got installed first since it was just plugging something in and configuring it, but the weather station went up only a day later. I’m going to need to make some long term adjustments to some of the mounting hardware but it stood up to some pretty good wind guests yesterday so it’s clearly not a completely bad job.

This morning I finally mounted the outdoor AirLink so at this point I finally have a full set of sensors and watching the data has been quite a treat. I’m not super happy about the location for that sensor as it’s kind of sheltered by some other things mounted to the garage but it was the expedient solution and I didn’t want to have it laying around the house while I never bothered to get the best option available, which would require running some new electrical runs and drilling bigger holes. Who needs that kind of work! :-)

Want to see what my weather looks like? There’s a pretty good public summary page here.