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Something Bowl Sunday

I keep hearing there is some sort of big sports event today while I’ve been watching Olympics coverage**. Clearly the excitement must be for the Puppy Bowl? ;-)

In any case beer is a big deal for big sports events and I noticed that along with the several non-alcoholic beers that I have previously reviewed over on my soda blog that I had five more in my current queue, so today I have decided to do a NA Beer Review Spectacular! I’ve already posted a review of Hairless Dog’s Citra Lager (Spoiler: Too hoppy!) but expect to see Bauhaus’ “Nah” Amber and three of Atheletic’s product line show up later today. With those five new reviews today I should be at 760 total reviews!

In related news, I’m playing with a different hosting provider for the images on the soda guide. Instead of doing my own thumbnail generation, basic image processing, and storage on an Azure Storage Account I’ve shifted to Cloudflare Images. It’s a couple of dollars more expensive but MUCH easier on my workflow when posting from my work system over lunch. Additionally it let’s me generate different sizes through the Variant system, they load much faster, and if I eventually decide to move the site over to Cloudflare’s static site hosting system even has some level of integration so that image urls have the same domain as the site. I have even started up a pretty bare bones PowerShell module to help with image posting!

** Note: Yes, the Olympics is problematic in a lot of ways. With the exploitive nature of the training systems, sometimes controversial judging systems, the profiteering of the organizers, and the human rights abuses of this year’s winter games host country it is an entirely reasonable choice to ignore the games entirely or protest their existence. I am watching the coverage because I need something to help me get through yet another month of continued pandemic semi-isolation and keep myself sane. Hopefully that can be seen as another reasonable choice, as problematic as it might be.