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Finally A New Soda Review!

If people know me at all it’s for one of three things: LEGO, DevOps, or Soda. After posting several hundred short reviews of soft drinks to Twitter over the past decade the hardest thing after quitting that platform last fall was setting up a new system for posting my soda reviews. I had been planning on setting up a website for many years to collect all of my reviews but had never actually gotten around to doing it. Last December I put the basics in place and “soft launched” Nathan’s Soda Guide but even though I got a decent start to making the site functional there were still things that didn’t quite work and so I put off posting new reviews until everything was perfect.

But why wait?! At the ripe old age of 46 (as of yesterday) it’s time to just push forward even if the site isn’t quite pefect so today I have posted a long overdue review of Dad’s Orange Cream Soda!

It’s a little tempting to put up one of those animated constructions gifs we web content amateurs were so enamored of back in the nineties, but please just excuse the warts. The sidebar in particular is a mess. I’ll probably fix all the problems eventually.


I have no expectations that any of the reviews I post on that site will get anywhere near even the minimal attention that I ever got pretty easily on Twitter if for no other reason than I don’t really have time to do much promotion or bother with SEO. People will find my reviews, or they won’t. They’ve always been mostly for me to refer back to and point curious folk at when I did get questions. If nothing else this site will work better than Twitter ever did for being able to explore all of the reviews I’ve made over the years.