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I made pretzels for the first time yesterday! I was expecting them to look like a complete mess and possibly not even identifiable as pretzels but over all I think they turned out pretty good for a first attempt. I used the Alton Brown recipe and it was pretty simple to follow, even though their site is a huge mess.

My first batch of pretzels

A couple of notes for next time:

  • More oil on the parchment. I know there’s going to be some sticking pretty much whatever I do, but “lightly brush” was very clearly not enough.
  • Make sure to re-read the baking time sooner rather than later so that the first tray doesn’t stay in too long. (Ignore the recipe summary on the site, read the instructions!)
  • Let both trays get dark instead of pulling the second one out early. They weren’t quite underdone, but the darker ones were slightly better.