New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/26/2011)

New Marvel Comics Available on Nook 12/26/2011

I find that it is often nice to be wrong, and yesterday’s bumper crop of releases is very welcome. I wasn’t expecting to see any more titles for at least a week and honestly only checked very late last night on a whim. Obviously I need to be more diligent about that daily checking.

Six of the sixteen new collections are from regular titles and the others are limited run titles of one sort or another including the “X-Necrosha” event collection which spans multiple titles (I’ll have to ask Sigrid Ellis if that one is worth buying or not). It is good to finally see a Fantastic Four collection though I’m not familiar with this particular writer or his storyline. Ghost Rider has never been a character I really understood but it is good to see an increase in the diversity of characters from the Marvel U. IIRC Spider-Man: Blue was pretty well received though I couldn’t tell you why and it might be awhile before I get around to finding out for myself.

However it’s not all good news. Remember last week when I said they were doing the Ultimate books right? Well this week sees the release of Ultimate Spider-Man volumes 5 and 6. Last week had the release of volume 3. Where is volume 4? Maybe stuck in someone’s email inbox somewhere…

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