New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/23/2011)

New Marvel Comics Available on Nook 12/23/2011

It’s been 11 days since the last batch of new comics got released which seems like an odd number but at a guess it is because Sunday is Christmas in the US and Monday seems to be the day many businesses are giving as a holiday. Could it be that instead of the world of physical comics, where a holiday means delayed shipments, that in the world of electronic comics we’ll have early shipments? It would be nice but it seems more likely that Marvel wanted more titles in the catalog for all the people who are about to receive a shiny new device in the next two days. In any case we’ll know if the two week release window is the general plan on or around Jan 9, 2012.

This release is fairly Spider-Man heavy gives us a little mix of vintages starting with a classic Avengers storyline in “Avengers Under Siege”. (Personal anecdote: That is the story that ran immediately before I started following the Avengers.) In a similarly dark tone we have the first collection from the recent “Dark Avengers”. Both of which I’m looking forward to reading through, Under Siege for the umpteenth time and Dark Avengers for the first.

The spate of Spider-Man titles that arrives this week continues the odd release pattern we’ve got going for most titles. Doing it right is the Ultimate line with the consecutive release of Volume 3 and continuing to make a mess of things is the release of the Civil War story (Pre-Brand New Day), the second volume immediately following Brand New Day, and a volume long AFTER Brand New Day (though previous to “Big Time” released last week), but still no Brand New Day. So for those of you keeping track that gives us the following contemporary issues of Amazing Spider-Man: #532-536, #546-558, #574-577, #648-651.

To balance the complaints about the order of release I do want to point out that at least there are digital releases and I personally find the reading experience to be quite good.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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2 thoughts on “New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/23/2011)”

  1. I think you’ve got two different things going on:

    1 – “Do recent comics have decent storylines?” I can’t really speak to the overall quality of recent storylines since for all intents and purposes I haven’t been reading comics for about 5 years and I’m just now starting to catch up as Marvel releases these trades digitally (and so far only on the Nook). So I don’t think I’m qualified to make any sort of generic comment on Marvel comics specifically or all comics generally.

    That said, the stuff I have been able to read that has been published in the last few years appears to have about the same mix of good/bad that there seems to always have been. A good example of that would be the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk trades that were available when the Nook Tablet launched. I thought Planet Hulk was good though perhaps not excellent. Plotting was fairly solid, characterization was decent, dialog was interesting, but then they fridged Hulk’s wife starting World War Hulk and everything went downhill in an apparent attempt to make sure anyone who cared about any characters in the Marvel U would have a reason to read it. It sucked. The recent Spider-Man trades I’ve gotten through so far have been equally diverse in quality.

    2 – “Is the history of the X-Men a convoluted mess?” Yes, the X-Men are messed up. Is that news? :-P

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