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  • When did I become _that_ guy?

    The other evening @SigridEllis was talking with me about the problems she’s been having with her phone. I am the household tech support and as such it’s important for me to listen in this sorts of circumstances and try and help out as much as I can, or am asked to, and try to minimize the condescension or patronizing tone that people so often associate with those who provide tech support (deservedly or not depending on the circumstances).

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  • Some help might be useful

    I was out taking a walk through the neighborhood this morning and came up with an idea that, unusually for me, isn’t a crazy idea and most likely won’t lead to my financial ruin so I figured it was worthwhile to follow-up on it. The city of Saint Paul has an official beautification project to put sidewalk poetry on newly built or replaced sidewalks throughout the city. The northern section of the St Anthony neighborhood, where I live, is no exception to the placement of these poems and it makes for a nice treat to see one while out and about.

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  • It was really all about Inara?

    There was a minor kerfuffle this past week about LEGO declining to produce a model based on the Serenity spaceship from the TV series Firefly. I would link to the project page but it has already been removed from the site. Suffice it to say that the project did reach 10,000 supporting votes, the minimum required for The LEGO Group to officially consider the proposal for a production release. However LEGO declined to continue the project.

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  • The Avengers

    Summary: If you like action movies, comic book movies, special effects, Jos Whedon’s work, or pop culture experiences: go see it. It’s worth seeing on a big screen with the sound a bit too loud. Fair warning, there will be spoilers below. If you have a problem with that stop reading now. As some of you may know, I’ve been an Avengers fan for the majority of my life. I was thirteen years old when I picked up a copy of West Coast Avengers issue #31.

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  • New (to me) Sodas

    I was doing some shopping today and ran across three new lines of soda that I had not previously seen. Haven’t tasted them all yet, but figured I’d at least mention them here before I forgot. First up, while I was looking for the new Dry Soda flavors at Kowalski’s (which they did NOT have) I found Oogavé in Root Beer, Cola, Ginger Ale, and Watermelon Cream. I gave the Ginger Ale a miss this trip but if the other three are decent I’ll probably give that one a try as well.

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  • New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/26/2011)

    New Marvel Comics Available on Nook 12/26/2011 Six of the sixteen new collections are from regular titles and the others are limited run titles of one sort or another including the “X-Necrosha” event collection which spans multiple titles (I’ll have to ask Sigrid Ellis if that one is worth buying or not). It is good to finally see a Fantastic Four collection though I’m not familiar with this particular writer or his storyline.

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  • New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/23/2011)

    New Marvel Comics Available on Nook 12/23/2011 This release is fairly Spider-Man heavy gives us a little mix of vintages starting with a classic Avengers storyline in “Avengers Under Siege”. (Personal anecdote: That is the story that ran immediately before I started following the Avengers.) In a similarly dark tone we have the first collection from the recent “Dark Avengers”. Both of which I’m looking forward to reading through, Under Siege for the umpteenth time and Dark Avengers for the first.

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  • New Marvel Trades on Nook (12/12/2011)

    New Marvel Comics Available on Nook 12/12/2011 The second first is the inclusion of the Masterwork trades. Already owning them in physical form I am still debating if I’m going to pick them up or not though I would imagine they look as good as the modern stuff. It does at least point to some intention to publish some of the classics from the vault.

  • Marvel Comics on the Nook

    I’ve been a Nook user since I got a free Color last Christmas and liked it enough to upgrade to the Tablet on day one (which honestly is a somewhat marginal upgrade) and also a long time Marvel Comics reader though a few years ago I had to decide financially between LEGO and Comics and then once my finances had stabilized I still wasn’t able to return to the comics because I just don’t have any space for them.

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  • Environment and Path Variables in InstallShield

    For whatever reason I have either never had a reason to use an Environment Variable for a Path Variable in InstallShield before now, or it’s been long enough that I forgot how to do it so this morning when I went in to try and set one up I was a bit surprised to find it to not be quite as straightforward as I thought it might be. I had originally just gone straight to the Path Variables section of the IDE [EDIT: after creating the environment variable before starting InstallShield] and created a new Path Variable entry and changed the type to “Environment” however no matter what I did I could not get it to resolve to the value of the Environment Variable that I had already created.

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