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I was out taking a walk through the neighborhood this morning and came up with an idea that, unusually for me, isn’t a crazy idea and most likely won’t lead to my financial ruin so I figured it was worthwhile to follow-up on it.

The city of Saint Paul has an official beautification project to put sidewalk poetry on newly built or replaced sidewalks throughout the city. The northern section of the St Anthony neighborhood, where I live, is no exception to the placement of these poems and it makes for a nice treat to see one while out and about. It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a handy map of such items, and of course the city does have such a map but it is separate from the maps that other cities and organizations maintain of similar art features and doesn’t include something like the Humpty Dumpty sculpture which is private yard art just a few blocks away from my house.

It seemed to me that coming up with a database of such features that user’s (or creators) could submit to easily with associated applications to be able to find local public art would not be much of a project to get off the ground or possibly even to maintain, and that it’s probably something that I should just see about doing.

The problem, as is so common with projects like this, is that all of the obvious domains that I could come up with for the project are already taken or are prohibitively expensive to purchase. So the help I need is to come up with a domain name to use that is available. Ideas?

(I’ll post other thoughts about my plans for the features for the site and apps later, though I would be interested to hear what other people think about the concept and how they might use it.)

Author: Cavorter

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2 thoughts on “Some help might be useful”

  1. I think it would be easy enough to create a Google Map that people could add these sorts of things too. Maybe there’s one out there already? Then just embed it in the site and perhaps have a search function (although I have no idea how that would happen).
    1. Mostly what I found while looking around were a lot of different maps from different municipalities or organizations in a lot of different formats. Some Google maps, some static maps, some just text lists, some entirely different.

      The Google Maps solution does have the advantage of simplicity and might work as a good first start. I had not previously noted that there is an Import feature in the My Maps area that allows you to get data from existing sources. I think in the slightly longer term though having something that allowed support for such simple features as tagging might make a huge difference. Adding items to a Google Map lets you set a title and description and while you can do rich text or HTML in the description it doesn’t seem to make the items that easily searchable even inside the map. It’s definitely something to look at as a first step though.

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