Part Commonality: 2×1 Invert 45 Slope vs 1×2 Technic Brick

In the conversation on the TwinLUG list about the recent proposal for a change to the Micropolis module bases, there was an assertion that the use of 2×1 Inverted Slope 45 bricks would be a problem because they weren’t as common as Technic bricks.

I didn’t quite disagree, however it seemed like a strong assertion to make without actually researching the available data. So I did.

The result is the following graph which plots the number of sets that each part appears in from 1977 through 2011, the avg number of sets per year, as well as the trendline for the appearance of the part. Absurd overkill for the conversation? Absolutely, but it was fun to put together.

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Author: Cavorter

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