I’m sure they meant well

I just got a telemarketing call from the organization that calls itself “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices”, asking me if I would like to join their organization for free and they won’t even ever ask for any donations. I don’t know if I’m the only one, and I certainly hope I’m not, but anytime a “non-profit” organization calls and is not looking donations or some sort of financial transaction all sorts of red flags go up.

So I asked the polite man to repeat the name of the organization and did a quick google search and ran across their website. Don’t bother going if you haven’t clicked that link yet it doesn’t have any actual useful information about who they are and what they want to do with my name on their little “member” list. Skimming content while asking the polite man who funds the organization made his answer pretty obvious even while he was saying it: The Power, Oil, and Coal companies. I did find it even more interesting that when pressed he didn’t have any names of any of these companies. Nor did he or his supervisor have any information about where they had gotten my contact information or why I had been selected to be a “member” of their organization.

Unfortunately they were blocking their inbound number so I couldn’t do a reverse lookup.

I apologized to the polite man for telling him that he could tell his overseers to go fuck themselves.

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