Chicken or Egg?

So I am just about done with Star Trek: Next Generation Season 4 through Netflix, and my understanding is that there is some overlap between that Star Trek: Deep Space 9. So my question is: Is there a particular combination that I should watch them in so that they make the most sense in the shared continuity, or does it not matter?

For example, should I setup my queue so that I get ST:TNG S5 D1 at the same time that I get ST:DS9 S1 D1, or should I watch all of ST:TNG S5 and then watch all of ST:DS9 S1, or the other way around.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic: I find it very interesting finally getting to a season where I have seen absolutely none of the episodes. Since I have seen some of the later episodes, finding answers to things like “Who is the little Klingon hanging around Worf?” and “Cardassians? Who are they?” is really a pretty big relief. While I understood that Alexander was Worf’s son, I never really knew how that had happened and, in fact, had never seen the episode where Worf got together with the mother until I finally saw that in June or July.

Though honestly I find it a bit hard to take that there had been a major bloddy war going on with the Cardassians during the entire first two years of the show and they never quite bothered to mention it. I smell RetCon!

Update: I did check around a bit more and I think I’m going to watch DS9 S1 after I finish TNG S6.

Author: Cavorter

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