…and then he said, “We could start a Klezmer band”…

While we didn’t get to any actual gaming this last session, Shaun mentioned that he had acquired a clarinet and was was re-learning to play it after having a sort of relevatory moment at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. So I mentioned that I had acquired a euphonium a few years ago but had been horrible about actually getting it out and playing it very often (though I am proud to say it comes out at least once every six months, which is better than nothing) and Mark mentioned that he hadn’t played his trumpet in quite awhile.

So we can blame him when he also said something like, “We could start a klezmer band…” and so we are. I ordered a copy of “Easy Klezmer Music” while we were talking.

I’ve had a couple of chances to play my horn since then and I’m both stunned at how much I’ve forgotten and also at how easily some of it is coming back. It’s really nice to have that old brass smell around the house.

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3 thoughts on “…and then he said, “We could start a Klezmer band”…”

  1. Heh. Yeah, I don’t know how many friends of mine last picked up their instruments in college, or just immediately afterwards. I still have both trumpets sitting in a corner of the house. Someday… someday…
  2. Part of my problem after college is that I didn’t own a horn. I never owned one since a good euphonium is a fairly large investment I or my family never quite had the money for. My excuse the last few years is that the community band I have thought I would like to join has rehearsals the same night as my gaming group.

    Yep, he meant it. We have a violinist as well now.

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