WTF: “Nation’s Nightmare”?

I’m not going to link directly to it, but if you go to the WCCO website you should be able to pretty easily find quite possibly the most stupid headline I have ever seen in my life: “Paris Release From Jail and A Nation’s Nightmare Over”.

Uh, “Nation’s Nightmare”? Seriously? They aren’t kidding? Good thing their journalistic priorities are straight.

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Author: Cavorter

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4 thoughts on “WTF: “Nation’s Nightmare”?”

  1. i didn’t go to the site, but that’s got to be sarcasm or humor.

    at least i sincerely hope so!

  2. AFAIK it doesn’t appear to be. It’s a title on a video segment that is really very earnest right up until the very last 2sec or so, when one of the hosts says something like “and maybe we can stop talking about her, at least I hope.”

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