While I’m thinking about books

Does anyone have any thoughts about GuruLib, Shelfari, and LibraryThing?

So far I think GuruLib has both the best feature (list books borrowed from a library using information pulled directly from the library’s database) and the absolute worst interface. OMG does it suck.

Shelfari OTOH has a really beautiful and, more importantly, functional interface but lacks a good way to mark books that you have read but do not own. Adding the item to your “Reading List” does not count.

LibraryThing’s interface is right about the dead center between the polar opposites of the other two and I cannot find any way to list books that I have only read but do not own.

I could swear there was a fourth site that does similar things to these three, but I can’t seem to remember it. Any pointers to similar sites or comments about these would be greatly appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “While I’m thinking about books”

  1. I’ve been using both shelfari and LibraryThing for the past few months. I like shelfari’s interface and widget but LibraryThing is faster and lets you arrange how you view your own library. Shelfari’s speed really gets me down. Neither of them have good social features (checking out other’s books) nor sharing.

    Basically, i think it’s best to go with LibraryThing for the long term as it is more powerful and useful.

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