Intermitent immediate gratification

For those who have not been keeping up with the news, Netflix has recently started the rollout of their long anticipated electronic service, called “Watch Now” to complement their existing DVD-by-Mail service. The rollout is being staged to their various million subscribers and I am lucky enough to be one of the relatively early accounts to have the feature activated. As has been covered elsewhere pretty thoroughly, the selection is not huge yet but there is definately stuff worth watching and I am most interested to see if I can get it working through any part of Windows Media Center Edition. I haven’t seen anything that says it’s not possible since it does seem to be using some variation of streaming WMV, so hopefully when I have time to really take a look tomorrow I’ll be able to find out for certain.

Author: Cavorter

Recently divorced SWM seeks, um, stuff. (Formerly used the handle: Glyph)