Odd coincidence

About the same time that I implement OpenID on my personal blog for authentication and finally get a personal OpenID running so I can use it elsewhere, I start hearing it talked about all over the place. Nice to see that it might be a technology that gets adopted broadly.

The OpenID I plan on using publicly is http://cavorter.cavort.org, so if you see some permutation of that around the net where OpenID is allowed, it should be me.

Likewise, the OpenID stuff here appears to be _mostly_ working pretty well. The small issue that I’m having right now is trying to tweak my comment spam detection package (Spam Karma 2, Highly recommended) to stop dropping OpenID validated comments in the spam bucket because the Name listed is a URL. I think I’ve mostly got it figured out though finally.

Also, those of you who actually visit the site have probably noticed that I did actually get around to switching templates. I have tried to use Ocadia before but never thought it quite worked. The new widget-ized version is pretty good, but I need to tweak the sidebar some to get it to a more functional width. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that means I’m going to need to fiddle with the graphics. Oh joy.

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Author: Cavorter

Recently divorced SWM seeks, um, stuff. (Formerly used the handle: Glyph)

4 thoughts on “Odd coincidence”

  1. Anything on Slashdot that was worth reading?

    Also, just curious, is there any reason that you decided to use this ID instead of your LJ based OpenID?

  2. Because if I want to forward people to my own content, this is the identity that’ll actually accomplish that. My LJ ID is with few exceptions, friends-only.

    And the Slashdot article wasn’t much, but it did mention OpenID.

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