Playing with authentication systems…

I’ve added an OpenID authentication system to my blog. Mostly this is so that hopefully friends of mine who read the blog that are on LJ will have an easier time being able to post comments since they should just be able to use their LJ ID to authenticate to do the comments.

Please let me know if this is working or not working as I’m pretty interested in seeing this sort of system becoming more common and adoption among the fringe can sometimes be a good proving ground for the core.

Update: I’ve switched over to the default template in order to allow the OpenID system show up in the comments. I had been thinking of doing a major theme change anyway now I just have to find one that supports what I want in it, or hack one together myself (which seems much less likely).

Author: Cavorter

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15 thoughts on “Playing with authentication systems…”

  1. Precisely the sort of feedback that I was looking for. It _was_ there the last time I checked, but I’ll have to see what happened.

    In the meantime, there is an OpenID login near the bottom of the right column (Should be the first item in the “Meta” section).

  2. Well, it appears that it is the theme that is getting in the way. Oddly even after I removed the theme version of the comments.php file it didn’t help. Should be there now though.
  3. Yeah, it’s not the most elegant system yet unfortunately. OTOH – what I do really like about it is that it provides an easy back trail from one system to the next for who a person is, as long as they want to use it. I think I finally got things setup properly on my end yesterday so I should be able to post comments on LJ the other direction.
  4. Perhaps… if you’re using a browser-based aggregator, the authentication will carry though to the aggregation process and you’ll get the friends-locked entries of the folk you subscribe to. IMHO, all the ‘friends list’ is, is a glorified RSS feed to all the visible posts of the people I list as friends. If you’re not using a browser-based aggregator, though (bloglines) that probably won’t work.
  5. Hmmm. If you use a browser-based RSS system, once your authenticated into LJ by wayof OpenID, you can pull down individual user’s lists. IMHO, all a ‘friends list’ is, is an RSS feed of all the visible posts of the people you call ‘friends’. Though, if you’re using an aggregator other than browser-based (bloglines, etc) that probably won’t work for you.
  6. Your other comments appear to have suddenly gotten eaten my spam filter (Spam Karma 2) for some bizarre reason. I’ll be watching that and tweaking some settings. I think it may be thinking the comments are spam because the author name is a hyperlink.

    I don’t think that browser based vs non-browser based has really anything to do with whether I can read friends locked posts. I’m already reading the RSS feeds for several people’s LJs but even after someone added my OpenID to their friends list their friends locked posts still don’t show up there. The how-to article I linked to states explicitly that the only way to get those posts via RSS is to 1) pay for a membership (not going to happen) and then 2) apply a style to the friends page and hope I have a compatible aggregator.

    The end result answer being: not useful to me.

  7. Yeah, but that’s nothing new. Comments on items picked up by the LJ feed have never come back here, and since that feed is (at least AFAIK) not in any way connected with the OpenID login I have over there and also AFAIK not possible to link up, I doubt it will ever happen.

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