They’re back, and apparently with a sponsor

First things: For anyone who missed it the few times it’s made it’s way around the web there is a very entertaining video produced by that replicates the (IIRC) Belagio fountain in Las Vegas with Diet Coke and Mentos.

This morning in my inbox is their most recent newsletter mentioning that they’re putting up their latest video this coming Monday (Oct 30, 2006) and like all good carnival barkers and priming the pump by posting a teaser video.

That, in and of itself, wasn’t what I found most interesting. The interesting part is at the very tail end of the video where they are apparently getting some sort of sponsorship from The Coca-Cola Company for some sort of “Poetry In Motion Challenge” that could produce some very interesting entries that I’m looking forward to seeing.

The sponsorship from Coca-Cola is hardly surprising given that judging from the number of Diet Coke/Mentos videos showing up on the equally quickly propagating video sharing sites sales of 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke have got to have received at least a slight boost in sales. Given that Experiment #214 is going to use at least 250 bottles of Diet Coke, I have to wonder if there wasn’t some material help performing the experiment, given that quantity has to be at least a significant proportion of an average Coke delivery truck.

Author: Cavorter

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