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I’m playing with a new music social network web toy right now called Qloud. It’s very similar to which I have been playing with for a couple of years now, but in some ways the service might have a better outlook.

So far the service is pretty rough. Searching from the main page can be painful. The interface is… difficult. The iTunes plug-in needs some very serious work (Advice: Whatever you do, try not to accidentally put a ‘\’ in any of your tags. I can’t use the plug-in at work anymore because I’ve got a tag with that in it and it crashes iTunes withing seconds of launching and there does not appear to be any way to remove tags outside the plug-in.). The track information database they have is problematic with some tracks having entirely wrong attributions, many albums not existing at all, no way to input new information, and horrible handling of non-english character sets.

But it’s interesting and different, and has some potential.

If you do decide to take a spin with it, sign up using this link and I get points for the referral.

Author: Cavorter

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2 thoughts on “New web toy”

  1. hey man–

    i’m one of the guys at qloud. thanks for your use of the service. we appreciate it!

    we recognize the difficulty of the UI and are already working on a new one. you can see it here on Flickr. please let us know what you think.

    we have a new version of the plug-in coming out at the end of the week with a fix to “/” (as well as a lot of other bugs).

    and we of course have lots more planned, including the ability to add information (i.e. artists, tracks) that aren’t in our database.

    we of course agree that the service has long-term potential. we launched on the early side (maybe too early). stick with it and we think you’ll be pleased. :-)

  2. That updated interface looks like it has a huge number of improvements.

    And I got a plug-in update today on my work machine that is not showing any problems with that bad tag with the ‘\’. That’s really excellent turn around.

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