Because they can

Google has a booth at the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this weekend. I found out from this somewhat entertaining post on the official Google blog. It’s just sort of funny to think of a corporation the size of Google going out of their way to point out how high their geek quotient is.

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Author: Cavorter

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2 thoughts on “Because they can”

  1. Imagine that, you’d get to expense going to a convention if you worked the booth..

    But really, if they wanted to really point that out, they’d be going to Worldcon… and that’s probably closer. I mean, going to a Creation Con…

  2. Yeah, I would think that even Dragon Con would fit their purposes and still be better than a Creation Con, but it’s kind of interesting nonetheless. And heck, with the new office in Atlanta, it’s not even that bad an idea geographically.

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