If it wasn’t true before…

The East Lake St upswing continues it’s stratospheric ascent with this news in the Strib that the owner of Azia (and a few other noteworthy local restaurants) is putting in two new restaurants in the area. The former Ember’s/House of Lalibela/Molly Quin’s Irish Pub at 33rd and Lake is going to be a pan-asian place, and then he’s going to top that by putting in something called the “Manhattan Martini Lounge” at 35th and Lake. Both due before Thanksgiving, it should make for even more wonderful options for dining this fall.

Author: Cavorter

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2 thoughts on “If it wasn’t true before…”

  1. Cool, not only that it will get people out and about in that neighborhood. Just think what it will be like once the street construction is done?

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