A night in the city

I finally got to see some of the Hot Summer Jazz Festival last night. I arrived at Peavey Plaza just after Frank Morgan and David Young took the stage. What a totally excellent start to the evening for me. He and David, along with the rest of the combo played a great set while I wandered around looking for a place to sit. I even finally managed to find one by his second to last number and was able to finish my cheese curds in relative comfort, for sitting on a slab of cement 20 feet away from any smokers. :-)

I did wander down between sets and got a good seat in an actual chair for Barbara Morrison and was totally blown away by her. Jon Weber stayed up from Frank Morgan’s set to play the piano, Gordon Johnson took over the bass and except for the light rain during her encore (“They call me Sundown”) she showed us all why she’s been a respected singer for as long as she has.

I then went over to the Millenium where I caught the last few songs from the Twin Cities Hot Club set, and managed to get their CD after remembering to finally stop for cash on the way over. Then caught the first half of the next set with Dennis Spears and company. At that point I hadn’t been able to find a seat in the Millenium and after a full day of work decided it was best to head for the train and call it a night.

There is still two days left though, and I plan to be there for a good chunk of it. I have some other plans for this evening but this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon have some great acts featured and I can’t wait to hear them. Anyway, off to catch the train and buy an new umbrella at Target.

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