Jargon of a sub-culture

I was struck while reading a blurb in Variety about the new Star Trek movie that I must be going through the same thing anyone who is not a techie goes through while reading have the things I follow on the net. Consider the following phrase:

Deal reflects ParPar’s bullishness on “MI3,” which launches worldwide next weekend, and underlines the goal of Paramount chief Brad Grey and Gail Berman to re-energize the pipeline via high-profile tentpoles while revitalizing the Par brand with top-tier talent such as Abrams.

Tentpoles? Re-energize? Pipeline? I do think I get the gist of it (That a company is hoping to fix some issues they’ve had with the image of Star Trek lately primarily because most of the recent stuff was CRAP.), but it took me a couple of attempts to really get that out of the statement.

Anyway, not having ever been a really big Trek fan, I definitely have to side with Michael on this one: It might be decent. But it might not happen at all. Who the hell really knows?

Author: Cavorter

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