How not to sell a new product

SageTV has a new hardware product that I’m interested in, a Media Extender box to get content from a PC with the SageTV software loaded up to your living room without having to have a noisy PC next to the TV.

The problem is that there is absolutely NO information about exactly what it can do. Here’s what I know from their website: It displays stuff on some sort of television. It has an ethernet port and needs to be connected to a wired network. It costs $99.

How can they possibly be thinking that they are going to sell _any_ of these to anyone actually interested in putting one of these into their home theater system? Does it support HD? Does it have digitical audio connectors? What kind of video connectors does it have? Who was the idiot who thought this was all we needed to know?

Author: Cavorter

Recently divorced SWM seeks, um, stuff. (Formerly used the handle: Glyph)