A quick note about the new look and etc…

When blogger updated their interface and added all the new features I made a couple of changes to this blog to see what it all looked like. The previous post is really the first one in the new format.

Please note that I do have comments turned on for now, as there is some reason for this blog to be a bit interactive. I believe that I did set it up for registered blogger users only. Dunno if anyone who reads this (though with as seldom as I update this, I can’t imagine there are _that_ many) is a blogger user or not. If you think I should open it up a bit more, please send me email (see my profile for more info) and let me know.

The new look certainly is not settled, and in fact I really don’t like the typesetting in the header, but who knows when I’ll get around to messing with it.

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