Another late update, but better than never.

Another late update, but better than never.

Last Monday (10/6/2003) I put down my first real batch of non-extract soda. As previously mentioned, a friend had asked that I bring some soda to Icon for the SuperCon party. I was going to bring the remainders of the Birch Beer I had done on the 30th, and then the majority of this new batch. I figured that I should diversify the flavors, so I did the Red Berries based soda and it turned out pretty good. Recipie:

  • 2oz TeaSource Red Berries herbal tea blend.
  • 1.75lbs organic pure cane sugar
  • 2 gallons purified drinking water
  • 1/4 tablespoon RedStar Pastuer Champagne yeast

First things first, the RedStar Pastuer Champagne yeast is obviously not to be used for making sodas. The smell is back, though since I’ve finally figured out cutting back on the yeast is a good thing, it is at least bearable. The taste of the soda on the other hand is almost perfect. The first couple of days it was a bit astringent, but it’s mellowed considerably and, aside from the smell, it’s getting really good reviews from almost all takers. I’m also getting about even responses of “Perfectly sweet” and “Not sweet enough” so I’m pretty close on that. Really pretty successful, though I’ve _got_ to find a different champagne yeast to use for the next batch of what I’m calling Berry Surprise.

This weekend I’m going to use up the last of my extracts and make a 4 gallon batch of Sarsaparilla Root Beer. I picked up some really good sugar at the Wedge this week that will make an excellent addition to the brew. I’ll post more details when I’m done putting down the batch.

Speaking of the wedge, they carry both Sarsaparilla and Sassafras so at this point the only thing that I’m missing for my own mix for a root beer is Red Birch root. I’ll be dropping by Present Moment this week to see what I can find there.