A friend here at work pressed a copy of “The Sparr…

A friend here at work pressed a copy of “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell on me last week. I cracked it on Tuesday night, and finished the last portion last night. I have to say that it is an amazing read, full of humor, thought, and faith. Read a copy if you get the chance, it is not to be missed.

Also, finished up “The Goblin Wood” by Hilari Bell last week. Well worth reading, she writes really great juvies, and I liked her adult novel Navohar as well (Thanks to Elizabeth from Dreamhaven for pointing it out a few years ago).

And now, I’m on to the new Neal Stephenson, “Quicksilver” which opens in the way that his books do, and already has me pretty well.

Also of note, though I haven’t picked up a copy yet, is the new Terry Pratchett discworld novel, “Monstrous Regiment”.

No rest for the weary, but plenty of good stuff to read.

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