I finally got to see Mama Digdown’s Brass Band and…

I finally got to see Mama Digdown’s Brass Band and Youngblood Brass Band on Friday night live at the Cabooze.

What a show!

It was the “Blowin’ Up Brass Band Summit III” with the 2 bands mentioned, as well as the Jack Brass Band. I didn’t honestly expect a lot from the Jack Brass Band from the little that I’ve heard of them from the web, but they were much better than expected and put on a good set.

Mama Digdown’s was really good, as expected, but there was something about their set that just wasn’t quite right. I still can’t put my finger on what it was, and they were damn good, but it wasn’t quite perfect.

Then Youngblood took the stage and took the place apart! How Nat McIntosh can make those sounds from a sousaphone, I have no idea but he is a god. A GOD, I tell you!

The Cabooze is a fairly small venue really, and oddly shaped at that. It’s a fairly deep building, with the stage in about the center on the north wall, but angled slightly toward the east bar. We got a table right across from the stage and so got the full effect, and loved every second of it.

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