After another lapse of updates, and any progress, …

After another lapse of updates, and any progress, I’m back with some info.

A friend and I had a brew day on Saturday. He did one of his beers, and I did another attempt at a Root Beer. I decided to keep it a bit simpler this time, while trying a different yeast to see if we could get past the damn skunky issue that plagued the last 2 batches. So I used an extract for flavoring, corn sugar for sweetener, and Nottingham Ale Yeast from Northern Brewer. Went with a slightly larger batch as well at 1.5gallons so I could fill all 12 of the grolsch style 16oz bottles that I bought last winter, though we had enough spare to fill one of the friend’s plastic bottles as a carbonation indicator.

We expected that with the ale yeast the carbonation might take a bit longer, but the test bottle as of this morning was pretty tight and only after 42 hours. The color is a deep brown, though still fairly translucent with some sediment, and a bunch of sediment already settled out in several of the bottles.

I’m considering chilling a bottle as early as tonight so I can get an idea of what the carbonation, and smell, is like but I haven’t decided if that rushing things just yet or not.