Oh, this is just so…. well, after sending off th…

Oh, this is just so…. well, after sending off that last message I got a reply back fairly quickly:

From: feedback@lindows.com
Subject: Lindows.com Autoresponse

We’re sorry, but your email has not reached anyone at Lindows.com (this is an automated message).

It appears you are trying to contact our support team.

For support issues, please visit http://support.lindows.com (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) where you can access our knowledge base with hundreds of FAQ’s. If you don’t find your particular issue and you still need to contact someone at Lindows.com, there is an area at http://support.lindows.com where you can e-mail our support staff.

Thank you,

Please bear in mind that the message specifically said to reply to this address. Well, I think we can get a pretty good idea of exactly how much they care about the feedback, eh? I think I’ll go ahead and forward this on to Mr Michael Robertson. After all, they should at least know that their feedback system is completely screwed up.

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