I read the most recent Michael’s Minutes from Lind…

I read the most recent Michael’s Minutes from Lindows.com this morning. What a complete load of tripe. I have now unsubscribed from all of their mailings, and when I got the cancellation confirmation it mentioned that if I was unsubscribing because I was dissatisfied I should send them some feedback. So I did:

The cancellation confirmation message that was sent after I had removed my address from your mailing lists suggested that if I was unsubing because I was dissatisfied I should send a message here.

Well, I unsubscribed from your mailing lists when I got done reading the most recent Michael’s Minute. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such irrational scribbling from someone that has the ear of so many people. While I agree that the current DRM solutions that are being offered are far from perfect, they are a step forward and should be recognized as such rather than spouting off lies, myths, and half-truths in order to build some theoretical market share. The last time that I read a tirade of that quality of information was when I decided to peruse a mailing from a particularly egregiously fundamentalist preacher.

I am sorry to think that I have wasted time actually reading his previous missives.

I honestly do hope that the countersuit they are running against Microsoft wins and that Microsoft is no longer able to use the word Windows as a trademark, but other than that I can’t see how a company with a CEO of such magnificent public stupidity will do anything but be a damaging force for his supposedly righteous causes.

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