Busy week: Painting went really well, and I’m actu…

Busy week: Painting went really well, and I’m actually fairly excited to get the bathroom done as well. Hoping to get some sanding and priming done hopefully this week, and then maybe painting next! Woot!

The closet systems are a bit different than either Betsy or I had really expected, but they are nice and we’re already starting to move stuff into them and out of wherever we’ve been stashing them up until now. (Mostly in the front half of the attic)

Minicon was this last weekend and was quite a good con. The new hotel is really, really, really good and I hope we can stay there for a long time. The art show had some hiccups though, and this time I _will_ be volunteering to help out with next year.

Tivo also finally released their Home Media Option, and we’ve been having some fun with that. It’s not perfect, but it does work. This morning I ran across a way to play shoutcast streams!

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