Quick note about talking to me about anything you …

Quick note about talking to me about anything you see, there should be at least a couple of links on this page that send me email. Maybe it’s old fashioned, but this space is and will continue to be me speaking to the world without the availability for the worlds comments to be seen directly by the rest of the world.

Having been running a BBS (L-Space) for a little over a year and a half, I’m beginning to form a theory that the reason why many people participate in that type of forum, or really any text based message forum is for a simple form of validation. It feels good to say something and hear people say that you’re right, or that they hope you get through whatever, or that they agree with you except possibly in this little way, or whatever. They have expressed themselves and they have been validated.

I wonder if the reason that I see LiveJournal as such a poisonous forum is because I hear all about the times when people don’t get the validation that they are looking for. On the other hand, I wonder if L-Space is a bit too validating sometimes. Gets a bit syrupy too many days. But then there is Ed’s Room which seems to be validation for a somewhat different set of people.

So if it’s really all about validation, it’s also all about finding the forum that validates you the way that you want to. It’s entirely possible that my Blog is ideal since the only validation that I regularly get is from myself.

Something to think about anyway.

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