After Sprint backed down on their promise to relea…

After Sprint backed down on their promise to release 3G support for the phone Springboard module that I use, I’ve been thinking about maybe looking into a new phone. Probably wouldn’t get one quite yet, but it’s time to start researching.

So I poked around the web a bit and I ran into a couple of problems:

  • CDMA 3G is really the best way to go for wireless data. GSM is okay, but doesn’t allow you to multiplex voice and data at the same time.
  • There are no CDMA phones that also have Bluetooth.
  • There is a Bluetooth Springboard adapter
  • There is a Bluetooth GPS Reciever

So it seems that for the moment I couldn’t switch to a provider that had both 3G and Bluetooth even if I wanted to. Sucks to be me I suppose.

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Author: Cavorter

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