Shopping List from 12/27/2002:

Shopping List from 12/27/2002:
from Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies

  • 1 large Tea/Herb Ball ($4.25) [Catalog #6301]
  • 2 rubber stoppers for the Carboy (@$0.99 ea = $1.98) [Unlisted in catalog]

Total: $6.23

Comments: There’s always something to be said about convenience. Midwest is right on my way home from work and it just makes it easy to stop there for supplies that I know they have. 2 Stoppers are better than one since I think we all know how likely it is that I’ll loose one of them in the next month or so.

Author: Cavorter

Recently divorced SWM seeks, um, stuff. (Formerly used the handle: Glyph)