This is an attempt to journal my brewing activitie…

This is an attempt to journal my brewing activities as I attempt to homebrew drinkable (and hopefully even good tasting) root beer and other sodas.

I had been thinking of trying this for a couple of years but had never actually gotten around to doing anything about it. That changed a couple of days ago when my sweetie Betsy gave me a copy of “Homemade Rootbeer, Soda, and Pop” by Stephen Cresswell (ISBN: 1580170528) for christmas.

I’m planning on posting as much detail as I can about my entire experience brewing so that I have a decent history of what worked, what did not, and how I got the results that I did.

I did some shopping last night for supplies (that I will detail in a little bit) and I think that I should be ready to put down my first batch tonight.

On the odd chance that someone actually ends up reading this, I would be more than happy to reply to any questions and would dearly love to hear suggestions from people who have actually done this before. In my research on the net thus far I’ve been digging up precious little actual data about any attempts, much less information about what ingredients, recipies, and processes they tried. Hopefully this will someday end up being a good start for other people to replicate some of my successes, assuming I ever get any.

At some point I will probably be very interested in interested parties giving my results a try to hear what they think. Watch this space for when I think I’m ready for some criticism outside my initial guinea pig pool, er, circle of friends, acquantainces and coworkers.

Anyway, welcome to my world and let’s hope I don’t get killed by flying glass or poisoned batches.

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