Well, 3 months and no new posts. That’s a pretty i…

Well, 3 months and no new posts. That’s a pretty interesting number.

In that time I have been layed off from one job, but had something already in the works so that I was able to not only get essentially 2.5 weeks of paid vacation between gigs, but get a raise in the process and get a job doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing.

My ego tells me that I was able to do all that, despite the current tech work climate, because I’m a badass geek. I’m pretty sure that it was actually luck however.

And life continues to be pretty good in general, which is always a nice thing.

Auto Rally is becoming more interesting as I pay more attention to it. For example, Marcus Gronholm sewed up the world championship this past weekend in New Zealand when Richard Burns toasted his car. Caught the front left tire on an embankment and then went rolling for a couple hundred feet. No injuries, thank goodness, but with Colin McRae having done something similar the previous day it’s all Gronholm from here on out.

You can find more World Rally Championship coverage at the official WRC website.

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