In this world there are storytellers.

In this world there are storytellers.

People who utter strings of words from there minds that might be otherwise impossible, but when those particular people utter those words, there is the barest hint that it might just be true.

I’ve never been gifted enough to be a true storyteller, but I know some of the tricks. Believe what you are saying just long enough for someone to notice. Attempting to support the story with facts or evidence is not nearly as effective as being able to to support it with hearsay and coincidence. Never tell someone something that they are not prepared to hear.

It appears that J Michael Strazynski is a storyteller, and one of fairly high caliber too. Babylon 5 could have been a fluke. Some of the stories in Murder She Wrote that he worked on could have been as well. Today I read the first of the collected Rising Stars books, and I have no doubts that he is very, very, very good.

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