Quite a haul today from ye’ olde comic shoppe. I’l…

Quite a haul today from ye’ olde comic shoppe. I’ll go in quality from worst to best to get the crap done first:

  • Blade #1 (Marvel Max) – Oh my goodness did this suck really large oblong rancid-dead-anemone-coated rocks. Ewww. The dialog sucked. The plot and pacing was annoying. The art was okay, but reminded me too much of the Men In Black saturday morning cartoon which I always hated the look of. Again, with feeling: Eeeewwwwww. If anybody wants my copy, they can have it, with my thanks. No “just borrowing” it to see how bad it is, I don’t want it back.
  • Fantastic Four #53 (Marvel) – Next issue this storyline will finish up and maybe we can get to something worth caring about. The Invisible Woman is going to do her first miscarriage the second time. Really, that made about as much sense as it is possible to make.
  • Origin #5 (Marvel) – You know, it occurs to me that this is a very pretty story, and has some neat stuff in it for finding out where Wolverine actually comes from, but am I the only one that finds it kind of, well, boring?
  • Taskmaster #2 (Marvel) – It’s a somewhat stilted anti-hero story, and quite enjoyable as such. Just don’t go looking too deep.
  • The Power Company #2 (DC) – The writing is as good as I’ve come to expect with Busiek and the team is developing into something to pay attention to. There are just enough little sub-plots to keep my attention but it’s not quite sucked me in totally yet. I wonder if some of the reasons that I’m not quite into it yet is that either I or Mr Busiek just aren’t quite used to the DC Universe yet.
  • Fused #1 (Image) – Saw a blurb about this a month or so ago and so far I’m glad that I picked it up. As with many things, the pace is just a bit more slow that I would like but I imagine things will pick up a bit next issue. Nice art though. From what I’ve seen of the main character, I’m trying to figure out how the heck he got as far as he did in his career though. Ah well, at least there aren’t any oversized basketba… er, breasts to be seen.
  • Dork Tower #16 (Dork Storm) – Go Kayleigh! Woooo! More than just the usual stuff, it’s one of the better issues of late. Besides, it’s worth it just to see Kayleigh drag Igor the wrong way through his own looking glass. Hehehe.
  • Transmetropolitan #54 (Vertigo) – More good stuff. Big payoff at the end.
  • Iron Man #52 (Marvel) – Some people wonder why I still read superhero comics, and Marvel comics in particular still. This issue (part 2 of a story started last issue) is a pristine example of why I stick with it. Yeah, there’s some crap, but when the gems come through, they really shine. I’m still a bit pissed that Tony Stark looks like an 18 year old again (FOR FUCK’S SAKE HE’S FUCKING 40 YEARS OLD NOW! LET HIM *AGE* DAMMIT!) but the rest of the art was not only good, but appropriate. Highly recommended.

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