So I’ve been playing with Mandrake linux the last …

So I’ve been playing with Mandrake linux the last few days. Yesterday I was sick so I ended up even swapping out hard drives and installing it on my primary machine so I could get a really good feel for how I liked it.

Good things and bad things, that’s for sure. Mainly, it’s not nearly as easy to use as Windows. Big surprise there, and it’s not like I wasn’t a DOS user for many years so it’s not too bad for me. Not common user ready yet though.

Both GNOME and KDE are really very pretty, but I’m having some serious stability issues with GNOME. KDE on the other hand is rock solid so far. I’ve also been trying to update the copy of Ximian Evolution but I’m having some trouble with their Red Carpet package finding the GNOME channel. I tried just downloading and installing the RPM, but that failed miserably. *sigh* I’ll get it figured out.

In the meantime, for any Linux users who might read this (not that many people actually read this) I’m very interested in hearing about good apps that you like/use/have seen. Ideally I’d like to get to the point that I do a dual-boot XP/Mandrake install and use Mandrake as my primary OS and keep XP around for games. But we’ll see.

Author: Cavorter

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