Looking for more

One of the things that I like about the Zune is that it has podcast support that is more like how I really use them rather than the way they work with iTunes. It’s not perfect by any stretch (Why can’t I squirt a podcast?) but it’s generally very good. Good enough that I’m looking for more content to listen to.

I have two very different kinds of podcasts that I listen to for very different environments. I find that I can’t listen to people talking without having to pay attention to them, at least if I want to get anything out of it. This is just as true of talk radio as it is of audio books. I also find that after 45 minutes of people yakking I get really, really bored pretty quickly but I find items less than 10min long to not be worth the effort to fiddle with the player to listen to (Not perfect #2: Can’t put them in playlists). Which is really unfortunate since I otherwise would have a couple of really short items that I do like (The Engines of Our Ingenuity being a prime example).

So here’s what I’m currently listening to:

I also really used to love SpaceMusic, but that shifted to a paid subscription model a year or so ago. Though looking on the site now there does appear to be some free stuff again so maybe I’ll take a look at them again.

Any suggestions anyone?

If it wasn’t true before…

The East Lake St upswing continues it’s stratospheric ascent with this news in the Strib that the owner of Azia (and a few other noteworthy local restaurants) is putting in two new restaurants in the area. The former Ember’s/House of Lalibela/Molly Quin’s Irish Pub at 33rd and Lake is going to be a pan-asian place, and then he’s going to top that by putting in something called the “Manhattan Martini Lounge” at 35th and Lake. Both due before Thanksgiving, it should make for even more wonderful options for dining this fall.

What a weekend! The party on Saturday went really …

What a weekend! The party on Saturday went really well and we drank a LOT of good soda and it seemed like everyone got a nice sugar buzz going for most of the evening. Thankfully there were only a couple of flavors that were, er, unpalatable.

Unfortunately among them was one of the Journey Foods root beer flavors: Shenandoah Sassafras Root Beer. The problem is not that they use Star Anise as one of the ingredients, it’s that they used a LOT of Star Anise as one of the ingredients. The first comment from someone who tried it was, “Tastes like raisins.” Not that raisins are a bad thing, but it was just a very off taste and not very pleasant.

The other unsuccessful one was the Steap line of sodas. All of them are based on Green Tea, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing until you taste one. Ick. Someone said that their sweetie might like them and so took the rest home to see what happens. Good riddance and I hope they get some enjoyment out of them. I did try both the Cola and the Root Beer and both were pretty disgusting.

OTOH – on the good advice of someone close, I found some Sangria flavored Mexican sodas that were quite good. One of them was mostly grape soda flavored, but the other actually tasted like good sangria, but without the alcohol. [Now I just have to get around to calling her today after I didn’t get a chance to this last weekend like I was supposed to. :-( ] Another really pleasant surprise was the Journey Foods Carribean Creme Soda, which had a very nice flavor of toasted coconut. It tempered the usual oversweet flavor of cream soda very well and was a big hit. I’ll have to stock that in the fridge more often.

I didn’t end up getting either the Boylan’s or the 1919, but I think I more than made up for it with the rest of the selection. I’ll post a link to the picture I took of the entire selection arrayed on the dining room table. The chicken curry turned out really well too (though needed a touch more salt) thanks to the lesson on using chicken thigh meat instead of breast meat I learned a few weeks ago in Chicago.

I’ll try and come up with a revised list of the stuff that I actually did end up getting later this week.