Little LEGO Show – March 2, 2013

LEGO Show March 2, 2013 at St Anthony Park Library
LEGO Show March 2, 2013 at St Anthony Park Library

My partner Jennifer and I are doing a little display at the local library with our friend Peter. Anyone who has been over to our house will have seen the shelves filling our living room with various parts of Micropolis. I attempted my very first module back in August of 2008 and Jennifer built her first module only a month or two later. Since then we’ve both built quite a few different contributions, but Jennifer more then most. Of the more then 40 square feet of Micropolis that we have together she has been personally responsible for probably 2/3rds of it.

One of the great features of the Micropolis standard, and part of reason for the standard, is that unlike a similarly sized model train layout each module can be moved around independently of the others for the most part and allow for a very large number of different configurations. But at a certain point it is just not easily possible to put the whole city together in one contiguous display. I’m pretty sure we passed that point over 20sq feet ago.

So this show is mostly about being able to put our Micropolis on a big set of tables and be able to see it all in one place for the first time in a long while. However, when we got to see the room on Wednesday it was pretty plan to us that despite it being a fairly decent sized display by itself, it would be somewhat dwarfed by the room we’re going to be in next Saturday. So we asked Peter if he wanted to come by with his stuff too.

Peter doesn’t build Micropolis, but instead does something completely different and very cool with LEGO: He teaches science and engineering with it. He’s been running classes locally for several years, including at Leonardo’s Basement and the Science Museum of Minnesota. He’s not there in any official capacity with either of those organizations but his passion for the subject matter and the fun variety of models that he uses will be a great fit for the library and the people in the homeschool community that Jennifer interacts with.

So it’ll be a little show for only 2 hours. Not a whole lot to see, but hopefully people will like what’s available. Maybe if it goes well we’ll see about doing something a bit bigger again some day.

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Small update: The flyer up top is available in PDF format too..

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