When did I become _that_ guy?

The other evening @SigridEllis was talking with me about the problems she’s been having with her phone. I am the household tech support and as such it’s important for me to listen in this sorts of circumstances and try and help out as much as I can, or am asked to, and try to minimize the condescension or patronizing tone that people so often associate with those who provide tech support (deservedly or not depending on the circumstances). Unfortunately this time I was having a horrible time paying attention, though I think I got a pretty good idea of what was happening, because I could not stop thinking, “You know, I’ve never had that kind of trouble with my Windows Phone…”.

I did manage to not say it until much later in the conversation when I was able to preface it with a statement about how unhelpful the comment was likely to be and also that it wasn’t actually apropos of the problem at hand but I couldn’t help but realize that at some point I have become that guy. Not even 10 years ago they all used to be Macintosh and Linux fans who seemed to only have single responses to any mention of any Microsoft product along the same lines as that horrible thought I had so much trouble getting past. The situation with my beloved Windows Phone really is about the same as far as marketshare and application availability as either of those platforms during the waning heyday of the desktop PC. All the cool new games come out for iOS or Android. Every one you know has one of those devices, except for those others that you have actively searched for and connected with to share your happiness with your chosen platform. As much as I am irritated at the aspects of humanity that seem to show such an affinity for tribalism it’s always been clear that I’m no exception. I’m just not quite so comfortable with it being so obvious.

Yes, I have invested quite heavily in the Microsoft ecosystem. At this point all of the devices that I use are part of that world and they work really well for me. But please! If you catch me saying something like, “You know I’ve been able to do that on my Windows Phone for years…”, just slap me. I’m pretty sure I’ll deserve it.

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