So much for that brilliant idea…

Normally I don’t post about things like this, but it’s pretty irritating and I think some people might care. Fair warning: discussion about my body and it’s reactions to medications follows.

So today I have determined that not only can I not take anything from the Aspirin family for muscle pain but I can also not take naproxen sodium either. In the last two years I finally linked the incidence of a particularly troublesome type of stomach spasm to taking ketoprofen (Orudis KT) for some occasional back muscle pain. Specifically an intense stinging pain starts at what I think is probably the esophageal sphincter and runs up the length of my esophagus to the back of the throat but I feel no need to vomit and actually feels quite a bit more painful than the symptoms related to vomiting. Since then I’ve tried ibuprofen, aspirin, and now naproxen sodium and they all have varying intensities of the exact same symptom, none of which are particularly tolerable but I think this pretty much rules out all of the OTC NSAIDs that I’m aware of. I never had much luck using acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc) for muscle pain but I think I may just have to use it and deal with the much lower effectiveness on the muscle pain.

Oh, and if anyone ever ends up taking me to a hospital it’s probably a good idea to remember that I probably shouldn’t get any of this stuff orally given other options. (And I need to remember to get this added to my medical chart, or at least figure out how to do so…)

Anyone want a mostly unused bottle of Target house brand naproxen?

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