Left Behind

So in a pretty quick turn of events, my main character in World of Warcraft has been stranded on one server while my guild left for another one.

Somewhat surprisingly, I’m only a little irritated with the guild. I had only recently come back after a very long hiatus and most of the current members of the guild I do not even know. Still, it was quite a shock to login after only being off for just over a week because I was busy with real life to find all of the old trusty guild stuff suddenly unavailable.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do. I missed out on the free realm transfers and my petition to get a free one was denied. I could pay to have the character moved to the same server as the rest of the guild, but I really don’t know if I want to bother. Several of the people that went on hiatus from WoW about the same time that I did are going to be in the same situation if they do decide to come back, but I really am not sure how likely that is with many of them and am pretty sure it’s not going to happen with several others.

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Hidden Gem

Amblypygid and I just got back from taking the kids to see the Firefighters Hall and Museum (IE Only) in NE Mpls. One of the volunteers gave us an excellent guided tour showing off all of their ten antique and otherwise old fire trucks, spanning everything from hand carried and pumped to semi-modern diesel engines and all the equipment to go along with it. All of the equipment is restored and being kept in excellent condition.

Possible the most interesting part of the tour, from a tech geek perspective, was the working municipal fire alarm telegraph system that they let you actually pull the alarm and see the system in action. It’s so easy to forget how many of the problems that we have solved with radio communications were solved miles of wire and big batteries before wireless solutions really became feasible.

Very highly recommended, and they also have a quite nice hall for rent as well.

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Intermitent immediate gratification

For those who have not been keeping up with the news, Netflix has recently started the rollout of their long anticipated electronic service, called “Watch Now” to complement their existing DVD-by-Mail service. The rollout is being staged to their various million subscribers and I am lucky enough to be one of the relatively early accounts to have the feature activated. As has been covered elsewhere pretty thoroughly, the selection is not huge yet but there is definately stuff worth watching and I am most interested to see if I can get it working through any part of Windows Media Center Edition. I haven’t seen anything that says it’s not possible since it does seem to be using some variation of streaming WMV, so hopefully when I have time to really take a look tomorrow I’ll be able to find out for certain.

Odd coincidence

About the same time that I implement OpenID on my personal blog for authentication and finally get a personal OpenID running so I can use it elsewhere, I start hearing it talked about all over the place. Nice to see that it might be a technology that gets adopted broadly.

The OpenID I plan on using publicly is http://cavorter.cavort.org, so if you see some permutation of that around the net where OpenID is allowed, it should be me.

Likewise, the OpenID stuff here appears to be _mostly_ working pretty well. The small issue that I’m having right now is trying to tweak my comment spam detection package (Spam Karma 2, Highly recommended) to stop dropping OpenID validated comments in the spam bucket because the Name listed is a URL. I think I’ve mostly got it figured out though finally.

Also, those of you who actually visit the site have probably noticed that I did actually get around to switching templates. I have tried to use Ocadia before but never thought it quite worked. The new widget-ized version is pretty good, but I need to tweak the sidebar some to get it to a more functional width. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that means I’m going to need to fiddle with the graphics. Oh joy.

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Playing with authentication systems…

I’ve added an OpenID authentication system to my blog. Mostly this is so that hopefully friends of mine who read the blog that are on LJ will have an easier time being able to post comments since they should just be able to use their LJ ID to authenticate to do the comments.

Please let me know if this is working or not working as I’m pretty interested in seeing this sort of system becoming more common and adoption among the fringe can sometimes be a good proving ground for the core.

Update: I’ve switched over to the default template in order to allow the OpenID system show up in the comments. I had been thinking of doing a major theme change anyway now I just have to find one that supports what I want in it, or hack one together myself (which seems much less likely).