Test Video: DailyMotion

Despite a fairly busy and somewhat inflexible layout, DailyMotion seems to have a really nice feature set. However my attempts to post through their “Post to Blog” feature rather than copy/paste the string into my own software doesn’t quite seem to be working with my installation of WordPress at the moment. Update: It actually appears that it did post successfully every single time, but was showing an error on the DailyMotion side of things. Kind of odd. I’ve left the best of those three attempts in place.

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Video Test: DailyMotion

Video sent by nstohlma

Test from DailyMotion. Busy layout, nice features. This was posted using the "Post to Blog" feature rather than putting the embeddable string into my own posts. Handy!

Video Test: Google Video

Google Video has certainly come a long way since it first opened. The navigation and layout have both improved. The upload process was nice and easy. Unfortunately, no way to lock uploads for private viewing.

Video Test: Grouper

Second video test, this time using Grouper. Which I think is a really stupid name for a video sharing website.

Really fricking annoying embedded video window removed.

Update: Well, the site name isn’t the only stupid thing about that site. Embedded video windows have 2 glaring issues:

  • Windows Media only, so it doesn’t work in Firefox
  • After playing the video pointed to, it automatically starts to play something else off the site

You can see the clip I uploaded here if you really want to.

If it wasn’t true before…

The East Lake St upswing continues it’s stratospheric ascent with this news in the Strib that the owner of Azia (and a few other noteworthy local restaurants) is putting in two new restaurants in the area. The former Ember’s/House of Lalibela/Molly Quin’s Irish Pub at 33rd and Lake is going to be a pan-asian place, and then he’s going to top that by putting in something called the “Manhattan Martini Lounge” at 35th and Lake. Both due before Thanksgiving, it should make for even more wonderful options for dining this fall.

It wasn’t meant to be funny. Probably.

Michael J. Nelson from the now gone MST3K has a new gig, but doing the same old thing. RiffTrax are audio commentaries that you play on your portable media player while watching a particular movie.

It’s not _quite_ an original idea, since it is basically like the commentary podcast that is put up for Battlestar Galactica episodes. The differences are two-fold: These won’t end up on the movie DVD, and in theory they’re funny.

Still, it’s a good enough reason to put “Road House”, the only track available right now, in my Netflix queue. Given the way the poll on their site is going however, it looks like “The Matrix” may just be next.

(Found on Paul Thurrott’s personal blog)

Fun with a doofus

The newest game on XBox Live Arcade is a hoot of a platform puzzler called Cloning Clyde. The humor can sometimes be somewhat low brow, but the creativity of the puzzles and the incredibly fun environments and puzzles made me loose track of 2 hours last night and register it essentially instantly. I can’t wait to try it in multi-player.