Minding my own business, as I so often am

I know of at least two people who will be interested in this site: AmigoFish

In their own words:

a way of finding podcasts and videoblogs of interest to you.

I haven’t created an account for myself yet, or really done much more that just give it a cursory look, but I ran across a reference to it via an entry on a geographic BlogNeighbor’s site while doing research for something at work. It was sort of weird realizing that I recognized some things in his flickr stream just a bit too well.

Sign me up!

There’s a reason why I was pretty excited when my ex-wife brought home one of the “Happy to pay for a better Minnesota” lawn signs a couple of years ago. It’s still in my front porch window and will probably move with me.

Today’s full page ad in the Star Tribune from 203 of the wealthiest taxpayers of Minnesota shows that I’m in fairly decent company. It’s good to see this sort of activism.