Clovers where you least expect them

In the last two weeks I’ve run into something a little different at two places that I’ve been for dinner. It appears that both the new Chatterbox Pub location in Highland Park and Signature Cafe in Prospect Park are serving sodas from The Shamrock Group. So far, the cola and the root beer flavors that I have tried are pretty decent, though nothing stellar. It will be interesting to see if I seem them showing up elsewhere around town, I know the original Chatterbox Pub near my home still has Weinhart’s for their root beer.

And while I’m thinking about it, do give the Signature Cafe a try if you have the chance. It’s got a very interesting and varied menu and a staff that is… well, friendly doesn’t begin to describe it.

It has come to my attention

A friend pointed out to me that a link was dead in one of my posts. Turns out, it’s a whole lot more than one of them and comments and pings got turned off for some of the resent posts too. In any case, I’m going back through them and at this point I can, for the most part, blame the current version of WordPress for the issue. It appears that it is adding extra \ characters to all occurances of ” and ‘ characters, which when combined with hyperlinks makes for all sorts of broken crap.

My apologies, I’m going through past posts right now to fix all the ones I can find.

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